Sarah Mucho is an award-winning singer, musician, songwriter and cabaret artist from New York City. A dynamic performer with diverse vocal skills, she has been compared to Grace Slick, Dolly Parton and Joni Mitchell but she has a unique, soulful sound all her own. Originally trained in musical theater and classical voice, Sarah left Southern California fresh out of HS and moved to NYC on her own. She soon found herself writing songs and singing in bands, the first being a jazzy-pop-rock group called Noxes Pond followed by alternative prog-rockers System Noise. Collectively, Sarah has written close to 80 songs and has played hundreds of shows in the NY/Metropolitan area as well as London, Northern Ireland and Greece.


Sarah is best known as the lead singer and contributing songwriter for progressive roots-rock band The Sometime Boys. They were a staple in their hometown of Brooklyn from 2010 until June of 2018 when they had their final performance. Though still collaborating from a distance with a new album released in the fall of 2019, they are no longer an active band. Their three previous studio albums err more on the rustic, Americana side but The Sometime Boys were revered for their high energy live shows when they would delve into soulful, funky jams. The final album reflects this in a major way, not to mention their seamlessly diverse style and top notch musicality.

Sarah has also had success in the cabaret world writing, producing and starring in several theatrical, forward-thinking shows. Namely, the acclaimed Ziggy Stardust show, a reinterpretation of the classic David Bowie album which was nominated for a MAC Award in 2005. Long before Bowie tributes were a trend, Sarah continued to perform the popular show for 6 years.  She was then a recipient of a MAC Award in 2008 for her work in several iconic piano bars such as Rose's Turn and Don't Tell Mama where she could be found singing showtunes, pop and the great American songbook for much of her early years. It was in these clubs that she truly earned her chops and honed her performance skills and it was through those experiences that she received the opportunity to perform at the Montparnasse Piano Bar in Mykonos, Greece for three seasons.

Sarah is currently working on the follow up to her debut solo record i 2 die/u 2 live which is a collection of  songs written by iconic songwriters whom are no longer with us. The album is in two parts, the first having been released in the summer of 2018. She is also working on her own original material and hopes to start a new band in 2020 but these strange times we are living in have put a hold on collaboration and performing live on the stage where Sarah thrives. However, it is allowing her more space to work and write. Additionally, Sarah has been streaming performances on the internet to stay connected with her friends and fans and to lift their spirits. You can catch her "live" on Facebook and Instagram during the COVID 19 quarantine until it is safe to return to live music venues. To keep informed on release dates, local and international gigs and all things Sarah, follow her on social media and/or subscribe to her mailing list below.