sarah mucho music


Sarah Mucho is a Brooklyn-based, award-winning singer, musician, songwriter and cabaret artist. She's known as the front person for The Sometime Boys and before that, System Noise, as well as her iconic Ziggy Stardust tribute show which was nominated for a MAC award. A unique and diverse vocalist with musical projects ranging from folk, jazz and Americana to rock, soul and blues, Sarah also plays the guitar, harmonica and several percussive instruments. She has performed hundreds of shows in the NY Metropolitan/tri-State area as well as Greece, Northern Ireland and England.

Sarah, more active than ever, has a few current projects going, her latest original project is simply entitled 'Mucho' (it's not just a clever name). She's begun experimenting with different instrumentation and writing in more of a folk-rock, grunge realm. She also continues to play with Jay Cowit and Pete O'Connell of The Sometime Boys along with John Blanton of "sister band" Wounded Buffalo Theory. Under the name CoCoCo, they are Something of a supergroup, a polished party band with a vast set list (covers and originals) ranging from the more melodic, American roots sensibilities of TSB to the deep, jammy grooves of the WBT flavor. Additionally, Sarah is one of the resident guitar accompanists for The NY Choir Project which has 3-4 performances a year. To summerize, Sarah is regularly gigging all over town on boats, in bars, under trees and wherever they'll have her.

For info on her many performances, check the calendar below and feel free to reach out for any booking inquiries.


Thurs. 12/7, 8pm
NY Choir Project's Winter Performance
@ Shapeshifter Lab - Buy Tickets!

Sun. 12/10, 5-8pm
End Times Cabaret w/ Elliot Roth on piano - speakeasy vibes
@ Freddy's Bar and Backroom

Fri. 12/15, 9pm-midnight
Mucho Music @ Shenanigan's Pub

Sun. 1/14, 5-8pm
End Times Cabaret w/ Elliot Roth on piano - speakeasy vibes
@ Freddy's Bar and Backroom